Audit & Assurance


Financial auditing is a mandatory annual requirement to be completed and submitted to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in the Philippines. Regular auditing is also highly recommended for any company or organization to ensure that the proper accounting policies are in place and are being practiced and that all activities are being monitored for quality.

Financial auditing is also a good way to determine the value of your business and gives management a clear picture of the past, current, and future state of the company.

Triple i Consulting Inc., has a an extremely skilled financial services department that can analyze a company’s accounting system for internal or external reporting. Our tax consultants audit and review companies’ finances to determine and make proactive tax plans as well as investigate any failed or improper application of internal tax and bookkeeping controls.

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Auditing Services

  • General audit of financial statements and accounting system to prepare auditor’s report
  • Review and evaluation of internal accounting control and procedures to determine effective deployment and recommend policies and changes
  • Comparative financial analysis and summaries for management team
  • Inventorying of company assets
  • Accounting and audit statements

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