Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Science

An Environmental Impact Assessment is a multi-disciplinary approach to determine the positive or negative impact any project might have on the surrounding environment. With proper investigation done the EIA should predict and evaluate the likely impacts of a project (including cumulative impacts) on the environment during construction, commissioning, operation and abandonment. By predicting the likely impacts it allows organizations to develop environmental management plans and systems to help safeguard the environment.

The decision to use environmental impact assessments for determining environmental systems to affect in the Philippines in 1978 under presidential decree 1586. Then President Ferdinand Marcos declared that there must be national balance between environmental protection and socio-economic growth. It was thought that companies would readily comply with development goals of the country if given the proper framework for monitoring and submission. In 1978, the maximum fine a company could be given for failing to comply was 50,000 Php.

Triple i Consulting Environmental Consulting division is a team of various environmental scientists from diverse backgrounds. Their skill sets allow them to conduct studies for possible environmental risks to the surrounding areas of projects in a multitude of locations in the Philippines.

By studying the project and discussing the possible risks with the stakeholders Triple i can then work with the management to quickly develop a suitable environmental management plan for submission to the DENR. The EIA is an integral part to the ECC process.

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