BOI Investment Priorities Plan: Mandatory List

Below are activities that require their inclusion in the Investment Priorites Plan (IPP) of 2013, as provided for by their corresponding existing laws.

Industrial Tree Plantation

Presidential Decree No. 705 – “Revised Forestry Code of the Philippines”

This covers extensive plantation of forest land of tree crops (except fruit trees) for commercial and industrial purposes.

Exploration, Mining, Quarrying and Processing of Minerals

Republic Act No. 7942 – “Philippine Mining Act of 1995”

This covers the exploration and development of mineral resources, mining/quarrying and processing of metallic and non-metallic minerals.

Publication or Printing of Books/ Textbooks

Republic Act No. 8047P – “Book Publishing Industry Development Act”

This covers printing, re-printing, publication and content development of books or textbooks.

Refining, Storage, Marketing and Distribution of Petroleum Products

“Republic Act No. 8479 – “Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Act of 1998”

This covers refining, storage, distribution, and marketing of petroleum products.

Ecological Solid Waste Management

Republic Act No. 9003 – “Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000”

This covers the establishment of waste recycling facilities whether or not integrated with manufacturing facility, using as inputs 100% locally generated solid waste materials or scraps from the recycling facility to produce semi-finished or finished product.

This also covers the establishment of an integrated solid waste management facility that includes the following:
• Materials recovery facility with a processing center that shall be used to manufacture goods from recyclable wastes (biodegradable, non-biodegradable, recyclable and residual) as the raw materials; and
• Categorized sanitary landfill that shall accommodate only residual wastes that were not recycled due to the absence of appropriate technology for recycling.

Clean Water Projects

Republic Act No. 9275 – “Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004”

This covers the establishment of wastewater treatment facilities and sewage/septage collection integrated with treatment facilities and the adoption of water pollution control technology, cleaner production and waste minimization undertaken through BOT or non-BOT schemes.

Rehabilitation, Self-Development and Self-Reliance of Persons with Disability

Republic Act No. 7277 – “Magna Carta for Disabled Persons”

This covers the manufacture of technical aids and appliances for the use and/or rehabilitation of persons with disability, and the establishment of special schools, day care centers, homes, residential communities or retirement villages solely to suit the needs and requirements of persons with disability.

Renewable Energy

Republic Act No. 9513 – “Renewable Energy Act of 2008”

This covers developers of renewable energy facilities, including hybrid systems.

This also covers manufacturers, fabricators and suppliers of locally-produced renewable energy (RE) equipment and components.


Republic Act No. 9593 – “The Tourism Act of 2009”

This covers tourism enterprises that are outside the tourism enterprise zones (TEZs) and are engaged in the following:

• Tourist transport services whether for land, sea and air transport for tourist use;
• Establishment and operation of:
– Accommodation establishments such as but not limited to hotels, resorts, apartment hotels, tourist inns, motels, pension houses, private homes for home stay, eco-lodges, condotels, serviced apartments, and bed and breakfast facilities
– Convention and exhibition facilities or “meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibition” (MICE) facilities
– Amusement parks
– Adventure and eco-tourism facilities
– Sports facilities and recreational centers
– Theme parks
– Health and wellness facilities such as but not limited to spas
– Agri-tourism farms and facilities
– Tourism training centers and institutes;
• Development of retirement villages; and
• Restoration/preservation and operation of historical shrines, landmarks and structures.

Reference: (accessed June 18, 2014).