9A Non-Immigrant Visa

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Any foreign national may come to the Philippines for business, tourism or medical purposes with a temporary visitor’s visa – also known as a tourist visa. Typically, no visa is issued for 21 days upon arrival, except to specific restricted nationalities. This visa may then be extended for periods of 59 days, for a maximum of one year.

The purpose of the tourist visa is just either for medical or tourism purposes. A foreigner using the tourist visa for one time business is allowed; continuous business violates Philippine immigration law, and thus requires a business or work visa, otherwise penalties will be imposed.



• Registration with the Bureau of Immigration, or office of the municipal or city treasurer in areas outside Manila;
• Current passport with valid entry visa; and
• If entry visa has already expired, paid incurred fines.



A tourist visa is very simple to procure: foreign national must only proceed to the Bureau of Immigration for processing.