9G Pre-Arranged Employment Visa

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Any foreign national who will be employed in the Philippines and occupying a technical, executive, managerial or highly confidential position in a company for at least one year, can apply for a pre-arranged employment visa, or commonly referred to as the 9G visa, under Sec. 9(g) of the Philippine Immigration Act.



• Letter of request from the petitioning company;
• Accomplished and duly notarized application form (Form MCL-07-01);
• Alien Employment Permit (AEP);
• Clearance certificate issued by the Bureau of Immigration (BI);
• Any other documents which will assist in the evaluation process;
• Authenticated copy of the passport showing current valid visa; and
• Certified true copies of the Marriage Contract, Birth Certificates (authenticated at Philippine Embassy if issued abroad), if to be accompanied by spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old.



• Obtaining an AEP from the DOLE, and establish that no individual located within the Philippines is willing and able to perform the position and service for which the foreigner is being hired;
• Submit a letter to the BI stating the admission of the alien will be beneficial to the public interest; and
• During the approval process, the proposed foreigner may apply for a Special Work Permit (SWP) which is issued for a period of 3 months while the 9G visa is being released.


9G visas are valid only for the duration of the AEP or the current employment contract (whichever is shorter), and similar visas issued to dependents are co-terminus with the duration of the visa of the principal. Foreign nationals with companies registered to BOI, PEZA, and the top 1,000 corporations are given priority.