Human Resources Consulting

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Triple i Consulting offers outsourced HR solutions, utilizing an online software that does administrative and clerical functions for the HR department. This provides not only cost savings for the company but allows the HR to focus on the important functions of recruitment, employee compensation, and retention.

We can also help your company draft necessary documents, such as the Company Manual, a guide on company rules and practices vital for both legal and practical HR requirements; and the employment contracts, which is important in protecting the company from future liabilities that may come from separation of employees.

Triple i Consulting also provides on-going HR support for companies, depending on the specific needs of each client, as well as monthly retainers and consultation for HR professionals and management.

Triple i Consulting’s labor lawyers will work with the company to both advise on the legal policies of the Philippines and work to format the existing company manual to Philippines guidelines. Our HR consultants advise on practical company policy to help shape and define the company culture of the Philippine office.

Our services include:

• Consultation and advice on drafting;
– Company Manual
– Employment Contracts
– Company Policies
• Provision of legal and clear interpretation of the abovementioned documents
• Provision of legal operational support on employment laws and HR legal issues

Conducting business in any new environment can be difficult for any organization. Triple i Consulting’s labor lawyers and HR specialists are ready to assist your company in aspects of Human Resources; aiming to make business productive and reach a zero labor case goal.

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