9G Pre-Arranged Employment Visa

A 9G work visa is for any foreign national who will be employed in the Philippines and occupying a technical, executive, managerial or highly confidential position in a company.
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What is a 9G Working Visa?

  • A 9G working visa is a visa that foreigners need so that they can legally be employed in the Philippines. This applies specifically to those foreigners working for more than six months and those holding an executive, managerial, administrative, operational, or technical post.

Who is eligible for a 9G Working Visa?

  •  A 9G working visa should be acquired by any foreign individual going to the Philippines to work in any legal occupation to receive any compensation. 

Advantages of a 9G Working Visa

  • Those with a 9G working visa can work and stay in the Philippines without applying for a residential visa.
  • The duration of the visa conforms to the foreign worker’s employment contract. As such, it can be extended if the employer develops the work contract.
  • The visa holder may be allowed multiple entries and exits in and out of the Philippines for the duration indicated on the visa. 
  • The family members of a visa holder may be granted an extension for their temporary visas as dependents of the visa holder if an extension is given to the visa holder. 
  • Visa holders who get promoted by their employers need not apply for a new 9G visa. They need to apply for a new Alien Employment Permit stating their new position and the duration at the Bureau of Immigration. 
  • The visa holder’s children need not apply for student or special permit visas as long as they are enrolled in schools accredited by the Bureau of Immigration and are considered dependents of the visa holder.  

Classifications of a 9G Working Visa

Non-commercial 9G Visa

  • A non-commercial 9G visa is a type of 9G pre-employment visa with no income gained from the local company. 
  • This applies to foreign nationals who are involved in a medical, missionary, social, and rehabilitation mission. 
  • The visa is valid for 1 (one) year and may be subject to renewal. 
  • A working permit will not be required since no income will be earned, and locals will not compete for the post. 

Commercial 9G Visa

  • A Commercial 9G visa is the most common type of 9G work visa obtained by foreign individuals currently involved in gainful employment in the Philippines. 
  • It enables the foreign individual to have multiple entries and exits into and out of the Philippines as long as the visa holder works in a company legitimized to conduct business under Philippine laws. 
  • The commercial 9G visa’s duration is subject to approval by the Bureau of Immigration and will correspond to the foreign employee’s employment contract, with a maximum limit of 3 years.
  • The maximum duration for the commercial 9G visa for directors and corporate officers is 1 (one) year.

9G Visa Requirements:

  • Joint Letter of request from the company and the petitioner
  • Duly Accomplished CGAF for Non-Immigrant.
  • Employment Contract, Secretary Certificate of Election, and/or Appointment/Assignment papers or equivalent document, with details of exact compensation, duration of employment, and comprehensive description of the nature and scope of the applicant’s position in the company
  • Latest ITR of the Petitioner
  • SEC registration, incorporation papers, and GIS of the Petitioner, or DTI and Mayor’s Permit in case of a Sole Proprietorship business
  • Alien Employment Permit (AEP)
  • Notarized certification of the number of foreign and Filipino employees from the petitioning company
  • Clearance certificate obtained from the Bureau of Immigration (BI)
  • Supporting documents that will aid in the evaluation process
  • Authentic copy of passport with a valid visa
  • For the spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old who will join the visa holder as dependents: Certified true copies of the Marriage Contract and Birth Certificates (with authenticity verification from the Philippine Embassy if issued abroad).

9G Visa Application Process:

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