9G Work Visa in the Philippines

A 9G work visa (pre-arranged employment visa) is for any foreign national who will be employed in the Philippines and occupying a technical, executive, managerial or highly confidential position in a company.
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What is a 9G Working Visa?

The 9G work visa is a pivotal document for foreign nationals seeking employment in the Philippines, especially for those in executive, managerial, administrative, operational, or technical positions for periods exceeding six months. This guide outlines the eligibility criteria, benefits, classifications, requirements, and application process for how to get a 9G work visa, providing detailed insights into the time and financial commitments involved.

Eligibility Criteria

The 9G work visa is mandated for any foreign individual intending to engage in any lawful occupation within the Philippines, whether compensated directly or indirectly. This encompasses a broad spectrum of professional engagements requiring formal approval for legal employment status in the country.

Advantages of Holding a 9G Work Visa

  1. Legal Employment and Stay: The visa facilitates work authorization and residency without needing a separate residential visa, streamlining the process for foreign workers.
  2. Duration and Extension: The validity of the visa is aligned with the duration of the employment contract, offering extensions in line with contract renewals.
  3. Travel Flexibility: Visa holders enjoy the privilege of multiple entries and exits during the visa’s validity period.
  4. Family Inclusivity: Dependents of visa holders may receive visa extensions, ensuring family unity. Moreover, children of visa holders are exempt from requiring student visas if enrolled in accredited institutions.
  5. Promotion Adaptability: Upon promotion in the company, visa holders must only update their Alien Employment Permit with their new position without needing a new visa application.

Classifications of 9G Work Visa

  • Non-commercial 9G Visa: Designed for foreign nationals engaged in non-profit activities (e.g., medical, missionary, social, and rehabilitation missions), valid for one year and renewable without a working permit.
  • Commercial 9G Visa: Applicable to those in gainful employment within legally recognized Philippine companies, allowing for multiple entries and exits. The visa’s duration matches the employment contract, up to a maximum of three years, with specific conditions for directors and corporate officers.

9G Work Visa Requirements

Applicants must furnish a comprehensive suite of documents, including but not limited to:

  • Joint letter of request from the employer and petitioner
  • Duly accomplished application form
  • Employment contract and related corporate documentation
  • Latest income tax return (ITR) of the petitioner
  • Business registration documents (SEC registration, incorporation papers, and GIS of the Petitioner, or DTI and Mayor’s Permit in case of a Sole Proprietorship business)
  • Alien Employment Permit (AEP)
  • Notarized certification of the workforce composition
  • Bureau of Immigration clearance certificate
  • Valid passport and visa
  • For dependents: Authenticated marriage and birth certificates

9G Work Visa Application Process

  • Securing an Alien Employment Permit (AEP): Obtain an AEP from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), confirming the absence of a local available for the position.
  • Submission to the Bureau of Immigration (BI): Present a letter to the BI affirming the public interest benefits of the alien’s employment in the Philippines.

Is Assistance Available?

Yes. For foreign nationals who need assistance in applying for a 9G working visa in the Philippines, contact Triple i Consulting, the first ISO 9001:2008 firm in the Philippines to provide business registration services. Triple i Consulting now offers a 9G working visa processing service for those who need to obtain their 9G visa before they enter the Philippines. Find out more about 9G visas or pre-approved employment visa processing here.

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