How to Get an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) From the DENR-EMB

The ECC certificate from the DENR-EMB indicates that the proposed project or undertaking will not cause a significant negative impact on its surrounding natural environment.
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What is an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC)?

Any type of project created in the Philippines that may affect the environment must secure an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) from the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Alternatively, the project may be issued a Certificate of Non-Coverage (CNC) if the DENR-EMB team finds that the project is not part of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Where did DENR’s Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) originate?

The Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) came from Administrative Order #42, which mandates the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) under the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to accept, process, and approve qualified applications for ECC.

Initially, the administrative order sprung from the Presidential Decree created in 1978 by Ferdinand Marcos, which stated that “no person, partnership, or corporation shall undertake or operate any such declared environmentally critical project or area without first securing an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC).”

Who should apply for DENR’s Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC)?

Any proposed projects declared as Environmentally Critical Projects (ECPs) or projects situated in Environmentally Critical Areas (ECAs) which allegedly cause substantial environmental effects should secure DENR’s ECC.

DENR-EMB ECC Requirements:

Some requirements in securing an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC)

  • Letter of request addressed to DENR-EMB declaring intent to receive ECC
  • Authorization from LGU confirming the suitability of the proposed project to the existing land use plan
  • Geo-tagged photos of the proposed project site
  • Map of the project area and affected areas, displaying a minimum of 1 km from the project boundaries
  • Staffing requirements
  • Project description, including raw materials that will be used and the type of technology to be used
  • Type and volume of products and discharges
  • Schematic diagram of the air pollution control facility 
  • Schematic diagram of the wastewater treatment facility 
  • Accomplished Project Environmental Monitoring and Audit Prioritization Scheme (PEMAPS)

How to Get an ECC Certificate:

Tips for getting an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC)

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