April 1, 2013

Environmental compliance does not end at submitting reports to acquire ECC or CNC. It is a lifetime commitment to secure protection of the environment despite the development of the business industry. ECC or CNC is not simply a certificate to be posted around the corner of the establishment. Instead, it is a tool to manage the environment properly and mitigate adverse impact to the environment. The ECC indicates some conditions that you have to understand and implement. These conditions involve securing Discharge Permit, Permit to Operate, Submission of Quarterly Self monitoring Report and Semi- Annually Compliance Monitoring Report.

Discharge Permit

Section 14 of the Philippine Clean Water Act of the Philippines requires every establishment to secure Discharge Permit. The application must be submitted to the DENR EMB and if the project/establishment is located in places under the jurisdiction of the LLDA, the application must be submitted to the LLDA. This is to ensure that the BOD, COD, TSS and heavy metal levels of the discharge of the industries will not exceed the allowable limit set by the DENR.

Permit To Operate

This applies to the companies having machineries that are likely to generate air pollutants. Examples of these machines are generator set, boilers and other equipment.

Quarterly Self Monitoring Report

If the project or establishment is located under the geographical jurisdiction of the LLDA, the module for water will be submitted to the LLDA Office. The other module will be submitted to the DENR EMB. On the other hand, if the project is not located under the jurisdiction of the LLDA, the report or all modules will be submitted to the DENR EMB office.

Semi-Annual Compliance Monitoring Report

The compliance monitoring report will be submitted semi- annually. The report must contain the measures and current environmental management implemented in the company to meet the conditions stated in the ECC.

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