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We ensure that our clients are able to operate with the right environmental certificates.
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With the global acceptance of the negative effects climate change is placing on our planet, governments have raised guidelines on all activities that will have any impact on the environment. For effective environmental management, the Philippine government has increased its standards of regulation and the associated permits required for businesses.

Triple i’s superb team of environmental compliance consultants work closely with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), to ensure that our clients are able to operate within the set regulations.

Services Offered

Environmental Compliance Certificate

Any project that has the potential to cause damage to the environment must secure an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) before its commencement. The project must be checked if it complies with the Environmental Management Bureau of DENR (EMB-DENR). The ECC is divided into three categories: Certificate of Non-Coverage (CNC), Small Scale ECC, and Large Scale ECC. Triple i’s related environmental consulting services include reconnaissance surveillance, stakeholder consultation, impact assessment, and mitigation plan preparation.

Environmental Impact Assessment

It is vital to assess the environmental impact a project will have on its surrounding areas. Our team can conduct on-site inspection for environmental scoping, planning, and treatment facility layout, and determine the project’s effect on its immediate environment.

Environmental Permits

Several permits are required for businesses that will: discharge waste water, operate a generator, or handle hazardous materials. Triple i’s environmental compliance consultants conducts on-site testing to analyze the output of water, emissions, and other materials for necessary permits, proper monitoring, and compliance reporting.

Environmental Monitoring Compliance

Compliance reports must be submitted quarterly and semi-annually to the DENR by qualifying companies. Our environmental compliance consultants can assist any organization in doing thorough analysis of their current environmental compliance issues, and make sure they meet DENR’s guidelines.

Pollution Cases

Facilities that have been operating without securing the proper permits or licenses will have a high probability of undergoing investigation by EMB-DENR. Generally, EMB-DENR will hold a hearing which will determine the sanctions and penalties awarded to the company operating without the necessary licenses. In such cases, Triple i’s environmental consultants can represent any organization to the local DENR and oversee the gearing process.

These past few years, the role the environment has been playing in our daily lives has grown significantly. The increased regulation standards by environmental agencies require companies to be more attentive to the environment. With specializations in various sectors such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Urban Development, Piggery, and Food Establishments, our team can assist you with any environmental consulting services that you may need.