The Importance of Environmental Compliance in a Business

July 15, 2013
Environmental Business

It’s no longer a surprise when companies conduct their business in other parts of the world other than their own homeland. Often, it’s the smarter choice, especially when it’s in a country rich in either skilled manpower or specialized resources, or both.

In recent years, the environment has played a bigger and more important role in our daily lives, including how we conduct business. Negative impact to the planet, such as climate change and severe pollution, has pushed governments like that of the Philippines to create guidelines on all activities that may affect the country’s ecosystem. This isn’t limited to local businesses, as foreign ones also have to comply with environmental standards.

It’s Not Just About Following Rules

Because of the increased focus on global environmental concerns, any project has to follow a set of rules before the government of its country allows it to start or operate legally. This is especially true for those whose business poses potential risks to the environment, such as agriculture, mining, and construction.

In the Philippines, companies need to get an approved Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). This certificate ensures that a company complies with all requirements within the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and that they commit to their approved environmental management plan.

It’s More Than Just Helping Mother Nature

Mother Nature may be the obvious winner in the situation, but everybody benefits from getting assessed for environmental impact. Seeking the help of an environmental consultant allows an organization to maximize energy and profit while complying with related laws and contracts.

There are many ways an environmental consultant can help a business reduce its carbon footprint. With careful analysis, even the simplest tasks have good results in the “green” aspect of a business. Integrating such considerations reduces a business’s energy waste in buildings and vehicles, cutting costs along the way.

Friendly competition among employees or consumers also helps, such as a contest on who can save the most water or who can recycle plastic bottles in the most creative way. This can help promote the company as eco-friendly and efficient, potentially attracting more consumers who are sensitive in considering environmental issues before patronizing any company.

Contact Triple i Consulting to understand how we can help your business in the Philippines, including addressing its impact to the local environment.

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