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There are many types of visas available for staying in the Philippines. Having the proper visa is of tremendous importance, as unlawful conducting of business or overstaying could result in serious fines, deportation, and black listing from the country.

Visas Provided under the Immigration Act

Tourist Visa

Open to for 21 days to almost all nationalities, the tourist visa is generally for short visits. A tourist visa holder may not participate in continuing business in the Philippines; otherwise, he may violate Philippine Immigration Law and will be subject to its rules.

9(g) Pre-Arranged Employment Visa

The PIA allows for several types of employment or working visas depending on the exact nature of your business. This visa allows the holder to work as a non-immigrant within a period of six months from the date of admission. Open to most countries, this is applied with a Special Work Permit for visiting athletes and musicians.

9(d) Treaty Trader Visa

This visa is given to a person who is a national of a country with which the Philippines has in place an agreement for the admission of treaty traders or investors. (Currently only Unites States, Germany, and Japan.)

Alien Employment Permit

This document is issued by the Department of Labor and Employment, authorizing a foreign national to work in the Philippines. This permit is generally issued to foreign nationals who have been long-time working residents in the Philippines.

Special Investor’s Resident Visa

This visa allows the holder to stay indefinitely in the Philippines, providing they have made a set investment to the Philippines.

Special Resident Retiree’s Visa

Retirees wishing to gain multiple-entry privileges with the right to reside permanently in the Philippines may avail of this visa, as long as investment (varies depending on age) deposit subsists.

47(a)(2) Special Non-Immigrant Visa

This Special Non-Immigrant Visa is issued to foreign investors registered under companies qualified with BOI, PEZA, or DOJ. This visa is issued by the Secretary of Justice on the basis on public interest or public policy considerations.

Triple i can assist in the procurement or extension of any type of visa. Our staff’s familiarity with the Bureau of Immigration, Department of Labor and Employment, and Philippine Retirement Authority’s procedures and requirements ensures that we can minimize processing and waiting time in your visa applications.

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