Feasibility Studies and Business Plan

Feasibility studies and reports can be used either as your road-map for your investment plan in the Philippines or as presentations to investors and clients.
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Feasibility studies and reports can be used either as your road-map for your investment plan in the Philippines or as presentations to investors and clients. Triple i Consulting can provide your company professional reports; utilizing teams of research professionals, we conduct detailed examinations into many different areas, compile the information into clear concise reports, and create a presentations that are informative and understandable. We offer packages for complete research projects, marketing presentations, and business plans.

Feasibility Report

A feasibility report is an analysis of the potential of a planned project, and is the first step in any new marketing venture. This report helps the management decide whether to invest or divest into a business project. Our specialized analysts will prepare comprehensive reports to help your company determine the best clients and prospective markets for your products and services. By determining which data is relevant, accessing that information, and presenting it in a clear and easy to understand report, Triple i makes sure you have all the facts before continuing the planning process.

Business Plan

A business plan gives you the chance to view the challenges ahead and adjust accordingly. There are many unforeseen details in starting any new business, or using a proven model in a new location. Triple i Consulting will help your company thorough the investigation into the practical application of your business and customize business plans for your company, providing a well-thought blueprint before you decide to invest in the Philippines.

Product Presentation

Product presentations can be the lynchpin in any marketing plan. When presenting to prospective clients, it’s vital that your product is properly represented in a clear manner so to the customer understands what you are selling. Triple i Consulting can help you organize your presentation to meet your potential customers’ needs. Incorporating cutting edge design with based research, Triple i will create a corporate and product presentation that assures your company’s success.

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