BOI IPP Guidelines – Mandatory List: Refining, Storage, Marketing and Distribution of Petroleum Products

This covers refining, storage, distribution, and marketing of petroleum products.

For gasoline retailing stations, except those locating in LDAs listed in this IPP, the applicant shall be required to invest a minimum capital of PhP10 million per station, excluding land, or such amount as may be determined jointly by BOI and DOE for augmentation purposes, as the need arises; Provided, that foreign retailers shall comply with the requirements provided under R.A. No. 8762, otherwise known as the Retail Trade Liberalization Law, and its implementing rules and regulations.

For storage, marketing and distribution, only investments of new industry participants may be entitled to incentives.

Application for registration must be accompanied by an endorsement from the DOE certifying that the applicant is a new industry participant with new investments.

For storage, marketing and distribution, petroleum products excluding liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), shall be sourced from the new industry participants as defined under R.A. No. 8479, except in cases of emergency supply situation.

For projects that involve more than one activity, i.e., storage, marketing and distribution, each must be unbundled showing the revenue streams and costs for each activity.

Blending of petroleum products alone may only be entitled to capital equipment and other non-fiscal incentives.

Applicant enterprises shall elect to be governed by the provisions of E.O. No. 226 or R.A. No. 8479 at the time of their application for registration, provided that such election once made shall be final.

Reference: (accessed June 18, 2014).