BOI IPP Guidelines – Mandatory List: Ecological Solid Waste Management

This covers the establishment of waste recycling facilities whether or not integrated with manufacturing facility, using as inputs 100% locally generated solid waste materials or scraps from the recycling facility to produce semi-finished or finished product.

This also covers the establishment of an integrated solid waste management facility that includes the following:
• Materials recovery facility with a processing center that shall be used to manufacture goods from recyclable wastes (biodegradable, non-biodegradable, recyclable and residual) as the raw materials; and
• Categorized sanitary landfill that shall accommodate only residual wastes that were not recycled due to the absence of appropriate technology for recycling.

Waste recycling projects without a manufacturing/processing facility are not entitled to ITH.

Registered projects may avail of capital equipment incentive.

Application for registration must be accompanied by an endorsement from the Environmental Management Bureau of DENR.

Projects that will employ new or proprietary technologies shall submit an Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) issued by the DOST.

Reference: (accessed June 18, 2014).