Business Consulting Blog5 Reasons To Live In The Philippines

February 3, 2014

When you think about the Philippines, perhaps the thing that will immediately cross your mind is not progress, not development nor economic growth. Instead, you’d contemplate on its headlining natural catastrophes, poverty and extreme religiosity.   It is interesting to note that despite being the second largest archipelago in the world, it has not been able to catch up with its neighboring countries in terms of economic development. But the Philippines has been able to recover from the image of the ugly duckling. In fact, it is now one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Why will I move to the Philippines?  Here are 5 great reasons:

1 – The Philippines is a country with one of the happiest and friendliest people in the world. Communicating with Filipinos is extremely easy too, even for business people as the business language of the country is English.  Owing to its American influence which began more than half a century ago, you will be amazed that even in remote places you will find people that are happy to chat or converse with you

2 – Culturally it is very easy to adapt as Filipinos are warm, very open-minded people. And you’ll be surprised that the expat community is so big enough that you will have no problem finding people with similar interests as you.

3 – With more than 7,000 islands, it’s impossible not to find fantastic sand beaches that offer foreigners a perfect getaway that only a few countries in the world can match. I can say that the slogan adapted by the Department of Tourism could not be more accurate: “It’s more fun in the Philippines”

4 – People minds are changing. When I first arrived in 2011, I didn’t really know what to expect.  Why such a lack of knowledge about this country? The main reason, in my case I would say, was the foreign media coverage and the geographical location of the country, with a less friendly location and lower flight connections than countries such as Thailand or Malaysia. But more and more, airlines are now serving the Philippines and a constant flow of tourists from everywhere have access to the country. People are starting to discover this beautiful archipelago.

5 – The Philippines is growing in many different ways and is considered by many as the next ‘’place to be’’ in Asia. This country is full of opportunities and all the forecasts are extremely optimistic about its economy and even political stability. Recent statistics also place the Filipino people as one of the most optimistic societies in the world.

For investors and ambitious minds, I will definitely advise to take a closer look at the Philippines and the numerous possibilities that this country can offer you. If you feel it could be an option for you and your business, please do not hesitate to contact Triple I Consulting, part of Geneva Group International and an ISO Certified Management Consulting Firm located in the heart of the Business Center of Manila.

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