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January 16, 2015

Recently the National Bureau of Immigration (NBI) implemented a new ruling in order to better control the situation of foreign tourist and workers in the country.

Here is an overview of the new requirements released by the Bureau of Immigration:

1. Starting October 1, 2014, every foreigner staying in the country for a period of more than the allowable 59 days is now required to file the Alien Registration Program (ARP). This ARP aims to better document and control all foreigners in the Philippines. This process requires finger printing and digital photos for automatic facial recognition.

2. All foreigners who will avail of the new ARP program will be issue a Special Security Registration (SSR) number on a micro-chip card. The SSR number will be used as the main identification number with the immigration.

3. All foreigners in the process of application for a 9G Working Visa who are required by their employers to start their employment while their application is pending  (application for 9G visa usually takes at least 1 month and a half) are now required to secure a Provisional Work Permit (PWP). This PWP will allow them to legally start working in the Philippines and it is usually issued for a period of at least 3 months.

Those recent changes  affect the requirements and the actual process that a foreigner needs to follow in order to secure a working permit in the Philippines. Here is  how it looks like the process every foreigner must respect in order to secure an AEP 9G Working Visa:

  1. Extension of Tourist Visa for a period of at least 2 months
  2. File the Alien Registration Program (ARP)
  3. File the Alien Employment Permit (AEP)
  4. File the 9G Working Visa application

Depending on the situation, if the applicant is required to start his employment during the pendency of their 9G visa application, a Provisional working Permit needs to be secured.This new process does not necessary mean a longer process.  It is important to mention that ARP can be filed in the same day as the Tourist Visa Extension and that  the PWP can be filed the same day as the 9G visa application. However, the PWP requires an additional payment (approximately Php 4,040) to the Bureau of Immigration. No additional payment is required for ARP filling.

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