Where to establish my company in the Philippines?

July 8, 2014
Philippines Map

Your company decided to set up a business in the Philippines but is not sure where. Two main choices occur to you: Manila and Cebu. Which is best location for your business? Are there any tax incentives? Where is the best labor force and the best infra-structure?

The option will always depend on the business sector of your company but some general figures apply for all the industries.

Triple i explains you some of the differences between both cities that might help you to decide.


Metro Manila is by far the most populated and developed area in the Philippines. Many multinationals have set foot in Manila a long time ago and the attractiveness of this city does not seem to slow down. The major industry in Manila is the Business Process Outsourcing and Manila ranks third destination in the world in this particular sector.

All major schools in the country are located within Metro Manila, therefore the talent pool is bigger and more diversify in Manila.

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport, receives an enormous number of passengers on a daily basis and is really easy to reach from all over Asia and even worldwide. Furthermore, it is strategically located near the city center.

All of this comes with a price though as electricity and rent are far from being the cheapest in the country. Salaries are also higher, reflecting the superior quality of its labor force.

Cebu City

Located South East of Manila, about 1 hour flight, Cebu City is the second largest city in the Philippines. Its attractiveness is shown by its 8th place for BPO destination worldwide. The Tourism industry is also a big part of Cebu’s development. Places as Bohol and Mactan are becoming more and more popular.

Rental prices, consumer salaries but also purchasing power is lower than Manila and is one of the reasons why Cebu has been booming for the past few years. You can fly using the national flag carrier Philippine Airlines or the popular low cost Cebu Pacific.

Both destinations are filled with talented young people whose English quality is among the best in Asia. Consulting you on the best destination to your company will require more details about your goals and concerns in this market.

If you are looking to set up a company in the Philippines do not hesitate to contact us. With 3 offices in Manila and Cebu, Triple i can advice you and on the best location, structure and business plan to successful penetrate in this market.

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