Environmental BlogApplying for a Permit to Operate from DENR

April 27, 2021

According to Republic Act 8749, also known as The Clean Air Act of 1999, all companies whose business activity and equipment are causing air pollution must apply for a Permit to Operate (PTO) from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). How will you know if this permit covers your company?

Usual Equipment with Significant Air Emission

The following equipment emits air that may be damaging to the environment. If your company has any of these, you will be required to obtain a PTO:

A. Internal Combustion Engine such as Generator sets / Gas Turbines

Generator set –  Grupel defines this as ‘an equipment whose function is to convert the so-called heat capacity into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy.

B. External Combustion Engine such as Boiler, Fuel Burning Steel Mill Furnaces

A boiler – is an enclosed vessel in which a fluid such as water is heated to produce steam or the vaporized form of a liquid.

C. Cement Kilns and other sources such as but not limited to waste-to-energy technology and pyrolysis

Who is required to acquire the PTO?

The DENR Administrative Order 2000-81 states that “all sources of air pollution subject to these Implementing Rules and Regulations must have a valid Permit to Operate.”

Non-compliance with the said administrative order will incur a company some hefty penalties.

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