BIR Extends New ATP Deadline

June 14, 2013

The issuance of new BIR Receipts using the electronic authority to print has been move until August 31.

On Tuesday, June 11, BIR Commissioner Kim Henares has announced that the deadline for issuance of new receipts has been extended for 2 months, being moved from June 30 to August 30. This comes with the belief that this is enough time for businesses to comply. However, the Php 1,000 fine for late application of ATPs will still apply.  The June 30 deadline for issuance of new ATP was implemented in RR 18-2012.

There are 2,250 BIR-accredited printers nationwide, 858 of which are registered in Metro Manila.

This comes as a great relief to many SMEs that are still trying to comply before the month end deadline.

This action may have been prompted by Bayan Muna Rep. and former senatorial candidate Teddy Casiño who chairs the House committee on small and medium enterprises (SME), wrote a letter addressed to BIR Commissioner Kim Hinares on behalf of SMEs to extend the deadline.

Owners of SMEs also complain that this new rule is especially detrimental to them as they do not have specialized departments specifically for tax compliance so changes in rules and regulations do not reach them as it does bigger corporations, and it may be costlier for them to have to print new receipts, especially for those who purchased in bulk in the past.

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