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February 18, 2014

Last January 6, 2014, the Bureau of Immigration has issued advisory to all foreigners regarding Emigration Clearance Certificate, ECC for brevity.  ECC is an important pre-departure document issued by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) to foreign nationals who are holders of Immigrant or Non-Immigrant visas leaving the Philippines. It has two types, ECC-A (also referred to as Regular ECC) and ECC-B.

ECC-A is issued to departing foreign nationals to prove that they have no derogatory records in the country and have no pending obligations with the government at the time of issuance. It may be secured at the BI Main Office or in selected District Offices, Satellite Offices, Field Offices, One-Stop-Shop and Extension Offices. In particular, foreign nationals falling into the following categories should secure an ECC-A prior to their departure:

  1. Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa (also referred to as tourist visa) who have stayed in the Philippines for six (6) months or more;
  2. Holders of expired or downgraded Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas;
  3. Holders of valid Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas but are leaving for good;
  4. Philippine-born foreign nationals who will depart from the Philippines for the first time;
  5. Holders of Temporary Visitors Visa with Orders to Leave;
  6. Bona fide seafarers who have stayed in the Philippines for 30 days or more and has a duly approved discharge from the BI.

Meanwhile, ECC-B is issued to departing holders Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visas with valid ACR I-cards and leaving the country temporarily. It is a single-use receipt issued to evidence their Special Return Certificate (SRC) (for Non-Immigrants) or Reentry Permit (RP) (for Immigrants) which is valid for one (1) year. It may be secured at the BI Main Office or in the airport upon departure.

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