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March 11, 2014

When setting up a business a “real” office space might not be an obligation depending on the activities you are running, but an address is mandatory to register your business in the Philippines. 

While some people think they could just use their home address (possible in countries such as Singapore) , unfortunately this is not that easy in the Philippines.  While your business undergo the registration, your office address might be checked by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and even you go through the first step of business registration, you will not able to register your company with the local government unit as your company will not be given the business permits and other mandatory clearances.

There is an alternative to this and it is called a “virtual” office. Instead of renting a “real” office space, which will be costly and sometimes of no use, you can lease a virtual office. Basically it is just an address to input on your business registration papers but you  must be careful on which kind of package you are choosing.

Several companies are providing virtual office services in the Philippines and you can choose from many different options. You can have an office with a desk, two desks, a secretary, have access to a  meeting room, etc. There are countless different possibilities proposed to you but make sure than the one you choose will suit you. Some of those virtual offices are just PO Boxes and you will not be able to register your company using that address.

To sum up, choose wisely and do not hesitate to contact us when setting up your business. With + 100 companies registered, Triple i can provide you guidance through all the steps of business registration. Please feel free to contact us.

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