Business Consulting BlogBusiness Permit Renewal – a 2023 New Year’s Goal

January 4, 2023

Starting the year right is every business owner’s goal for 2023. Even before the year ends, you should plan and ensure that operations will continue until the following year. Ensure your company has started processing business permit renewal for the upcoming year now. 

Why do I need to renew my business permit?

Renewing business permits and registrations from the government is a must for everyone. One of its primary purposes is establishing your enterprise as a legitimate firm in the Philippines. By keeping your permits up-to-date, you enable your clients and customers to put their trust and confidence in you by showing them that you are a law-abiding company. Early renewal of your business permit also allows you to avoid fines, penalties, and restrictions from government agencies handling business operations in the country. 

When are the deadlines for business permit renewal?

The deadlines for the renewal of permits vary for each type. The deadline for a barangay permit renewal and the mayor’s or business permit renewal is on January 22, 2023. Meanwhile, the annual registration fee with the BIR deadline is January 31, 2023.

What do I need to do to renew my business permit?

You must complete forms and bring documentary requirements to renew your 2023 business permit. To know more about how to renew your business permit, read this article

Help! How do I renew my business permit for 2023?

If you need to accomplish chores and focus on specific goals before 2022 ends, you can always delegate business permit renewal to the experts. Contact Triple i Consulting to get professional help. 

Triple i Consulting is the first ISO 9001:2008 firm to offer company and business registration services in the Philippines. Armed with a team of experts endowed with over 10 years worth of knowledge and skills in Philippine business incorporation, accounting, taxation, FDA licensing and product registration, and more, Triple i provides reliable guidance for companies in the Philippines who need help with business permit renewals and more. 

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