Business Consulting BlogConsulting Firms: The Importance of having an International Presence

November 30, 2014

The Geneva Group International is a worldwide alliance of well established and experienced accounting, consulting and law firms that gives the opportunity to its member to easily access to professional and expert in each country.

Companies aiming to internationalize its activity, understand the importance of having a business management consulting firm that can provide great advises, as well as detailed information, simplifying the market access to different countries. GGI matches entrepreneurs with reliable legal and tax consulting firms, facilitating business worldwide.

Being the only Philippines member of Geneva Group International, Triple I Consulting does not only offer marketing and regulatory affairs consulting for companies looking to penetrate Philippine market, but also expands the international potential of its clients. Being a member of this organization, strengths our international relations and influence.

If you are a firm willing to expand your business to the leading economy of Southeast Asia and looking for assistance of professionals to incorporate, experienced accountants or to obtain general consulting services, contact Triple I Consulting.

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