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July 10, 2012


After obtaining a License to Operate as an Importer or Distributor then you can proceed for an application for Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) or a certificate that your product has been evaluated and officially registered in the Philippine Food and Drug Administration.

There are different requirements and documents to be submitted for application of CPR, depending on the product to be registered. Triple i Consulting Pharma Division will be able to help you identify the classification of your products and documents to be needed and prepared for application.

Food Products has 3 categories this post will look at:

Category 1 (Imported Products)

  • Bakery and bakery related products
  • Non-alcoholic beverages & beverage mixes
  • Candies & confectionery products
  • Cocoa & cocoa related products
  • Coffee, Tea and non-dairy creamer
  • Condiments, sauces and seasonings
  • Culinary products
  • Gelatin, dessert preparation & mixes
  • Dairy Products
  • Dressings & Spreads
  • Flour/flour mixes & starch
  • Fish and other marine products (Finished Product)
  • Fruits, vegetable & edible fungi (Finished Product)
  • Meat and poultry products (Finished Product)
  • Noodles, pastas and pastry wrapper
  • Nut and Nut products
  • Native delicacies
  • Oils, fats and shortening
  • Snack foods and breakfast cereal
  • Sugar and other related products



  1. Letter of application for registration from Importer/Distributor
  2. Accomplished Affidavit of Undertaking (1), typewritten and should be duly notarized (xerox copy not allowed)
  3. Accomplished product list by product classification, 3 copies (typewritten)
  4. Valid License to Operate with supplier’s source(s) of imported food products.
  5. Xerox copy of the sales invoice (bring original for cross checking)
  6. One sample of each product in commercial presentation
  7. Copy of label that is in conformance of Codex Labelling Regulations and FDA requirements.
    1. *A Sticker indicating the name and address of the importer must be attached if not printed on the label.
  8. ORIGINAL COPY of the Certificate of Free Sale issued by the health government or health ministry of the country of origin.
  9. Certificate of Flavoring from supplier
  10. Certificate of Packaging Safety

 Procedure for Product Registration with FDA for FOOD products

  • Evaluation of application and all documentary requirements to Public Assistance Information and Compliance Section (PAICS) of FDA by an officer of the day.
  • Payment Slip or Assesment slip will be signed and issued by the officer if application is acceptable
  • Accounting and billing department to asses registration fees to be paid at cashier.
  • As soon as payments been made documents and samples will be submitted at PAICS for encoding a Routing Slip Number (RSN) will be provided for your reference on the status of your application
  • Application will be endorsed to the Product Services Division for decking
  • Product services division of BFAD will evaluate all the requirements and prepare endorsement for Certificate of Registration, depending on the assessment and evaluation of the FDA Officer. If additional requirements will be needed a Letter of Denial will be issued to the applicant company.
  • – If application is approved endorsement will be prepared and signed by the supervisor and chief of the PSD. Certificate of Product Registration will be issued for recommendation and will be signed by the Director of Food and Drug Administration.
  • – If application is denied a Letter of Denial will be issued and signed by the Director. Reapplication can be done but will depend on the content of the letter.
  • Certificate of Product Registration or Letter of Denial can be picked up from FDA releasing department.

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