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October 2, 2013

“We Believe in Cooperation and Partnership.”

So goes the statement from one of the Environmental Polices of the DENR-EMB (Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Environmental Management Bureau). This government agency is mandated with the tasks of regulating and monitoring activities or ventures which may have direct impact to the environment, and it is encouraging to know of such guiding principle being supported by the agency, as stated above.

Dealings with the agency then (i.e. the application for environmental permits or certificates), are not to be viewed as an additional bureaucratic hurdle to be overcome but should be seen as a welcome opportunity to realizing one’s full business potentials while being compliant with sound business practices as set forth by local environmental regulations. Environmental regulations requirements may be viewed as difficult and complex to comply with; but then again, so are the business’s possible impacts to the immediate and natural environment being left unchecked or unmitigated. The important viewpoint to have is: The regulating agency may be considered as not existing solely to regulate and issue one-sided directions but also to be a partner-stakeholder in implementing the dictations of the law (i.e. environmental laws and regulations) for the benefit of everyone involved.

The Business Proponent, thus, is not without an involvement or an input in the matter of complying with regulatory requirements while ensuring business interests and viability are upheld.

Triple i Consulting offers environmental consulting services with the added aim of building cooperation and partnership between the regulatory agency of concern and the proponent. With technical expertise and project management know-how founded on years of experience and practice, Triple i Consulting environmental consultants and practitioners are able to communicate business and industrial processes of the proponents to the regulators and reviewers, paving the way for understanding and achieving a balance between business needs and regulatory obligations. The ultimate result is a mutually beneficial and respectful relationship between the proponent and the regulator, as well as a more assured business standing for the proponent.

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