Business RegistrationGIS Registration in the time of Enhanced Community Quarantine

April 13, 2020

During the Enhanced Community Quarantine currently placed on the island of Luzon many of our business operations have slowed down and many requirements have been piling up as staff is on a WFH basis.

There are several government filings that still need to be accomplished even during the ECQ, and the GIS happens to be one of them.

The SEC is currently allowing online submissions of GIS with hard copies to follow after the lifting of the ECQ.

What is a GIS?

The General Information Sheet is an annual requirement for all corporations and foreign operating companies in the Philippines.  It will update the Securities and Exchange Commission to any changes in the officers of the company and any sales of shares that took place over the year. It will likewise update the SEC to any changes of the company address or contact details.

For Foreign Companies like Branch Offices and Regional Operating Headquarters, it will update any changes to the parent companies share structure.

The requirement is to have the filing completed within 30 days of the general stockholders meeting for Domestic Corporations and for Representative Offices and Branches within 30 days of the anniversary of the SEC Registration.

It is also possible to file a GIS to update the SEC mid-year if there is a change in an elected officer for some reason or a new corporate secretary was appointed. This can be filed and received by the SEC anytime.

Triple I Consulting is working remotely and can assist your company with its GIS filings or other company registration requirements in preparation for resumed business operations.

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