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October 9, 2012

Chandeliers, luxurious furniture, relaxing ambiance and grand outdoor settings are only some of the factors that companies in the hotel and resort industry prioritize to guarantee that every customer’s stay at their location will experience satisfaction at its finest. Owners of Hotels and Resorts go through extensive planning and preparation in the establishment of their business. But interior design is not the only aspect that needs to be considered. Not to be neglected are all the regulatory and statutory requirements each business owner needs to comply with.

Government compliance, for instance, in the hospitality industry consumes a lot of time for the company. Other than the regular registration processes of submitting documents with the SEC, DTI or BIR, they will need to comply with regulations of the DENR as well for the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC).

An ECC certifies that the project will not have any significant negative impact on the Philippine environment. Triple i Consulting has a team of Environmental specialists who can assist in finding the best solutions on how to meet the standards and acquire all the permits and certifications necessary to help provide ease in setting up a business. This does not apply to hotel and resort industries alone but also involves mining, agriculture, construction, oil/petroleum and gas industries. Furthermore, we can help clients in processing and obtaining Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), environmental permits and assistance in reversing the breach of standards of Pollution Cases and finding solutions to meet the standards of the DENR.

Clients can be assured that partnering with Triple i Consulting will ease their burden on registration and permitting services and fast track business operational activities

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