Business Consulting BlogHow to Start a Laundromat Business in the Philippines

August 17, 2023

The laundromat industry in the Philippines has evolved into a multifaceted domain, offering a range of services from wash and fold to self-service options. Laundromats have gained immense popularity among customers due to their convenience, time-saving benefits, and potential to reduce electricity bills. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to start a successful laundromat business in the Philippines, from understanding its profitability to the step-by-step establishment process.

The Profitability of Laundromat Business in the Philippines

Starting a laundromat business in the Philippines can be highly profitable, given the increasing demand for laundry services in urban areas. The initial investment will primarily include renting a suitable building space and purchasing laundry machines. For instance, investing in around 30 commercial laundry machines could cost between PHP 1.5 million to PHP 3 million, depending on the brand and specifications.

The return on investment (ROI) timeline can vary, but with efficient operations and strategic location, it’s feasible to achieve ROI within 1 to 3 years. Profitability is often boosted by factors such as location, services offered, and customer volume.

Step-by-Step Guide to Launching Your Laundromat Business

  1. Business Registration: Before embarking on your laundromat venture, it’s vital to register your business properly. Head over to our business registration page to learn more about this process. 
  2. Choosing a Suitable Space: Finding the right location is pivotal for a successful laundromat business. The building space selected must meet specific requirements such as proper ventilation, exhaust outlets, and adequate utility provisions. Ground-floor spaces with windows are preferable to attract foot traffic and potential customers.
  3. Equipment Acquisition: Investing in commercial laundry machines is a significant aspect of your business setup. The cost of each machine can range from PHP 50,000 to PHP 150,000, depending on its type and features. Business owners can opt for coin-operated machines to facilitate convenient transactions. Additional services like ironing, steaming, and dry cleaning can further enhance your business’s appeal.
  4. Employee Hiring and Management: Depending on the scale of your laundromat, you may need to hire employees to manage operations, assist customers, and maintain cleanliness. Efficient staff can ensure smooth business operations and excellent customer service.
  5. Financial Responsibilities: Running a laundromat also involves financial responsibilities such as taxes, electricity bills, water charges, and the procurement of detergents and cleaning supplies. Proper budgeting and accounting practices are crucial to sustaining the business.

The Potential for Lucrative Expansion

Establishing a successful laundromat business can be a stepping stone to even greater profitability through expansion. Multiple locations strategically placed in densely populated or busy areas can significantly enhance your revenue. Statistics reveal that laundromats in the Philippines enjoy a robust success rate due to the country’s urbanization and the modern lifestyle’s demands.

Do You Need Assistance Setting Up a Laundromat Business?

In conclusion, starting a laundromat business in the Philippines can be profitable with the right approach. Each step contributes to the business’s overall success, from choosing the perfect location to assisting business operations and ensuring legal compliance. The services provided by Triple i Consulting can offer invaluable assistance in business registration and finding suitable locations for your laundromat venture, paving the way for a prosperous and thriving business in this ever-growing industry.

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