Legal BlogImmigration Memo Order Regarding Taxpayer Identification Number In 9g Visa Applications

September 20, 2013

With a newly designated Officer-in-Charge manning the Bureau of Immigration, a new Operations Order was recently issued by Hon. Siegfred B. Mison dated 23 August 2013 relating to Taxpayer Identification Number in the Visa Applications  under Operations Order No. SBM-2013-004-A.  It was noted that they receive numerous 9(G) visa applications with either 1) Multiple Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN) in the General Information Sheet (GIS) and Income Tax Return (ITR) or 2) No proof of tax payments or Official Receipts; or 3) Without ITR.

In relation to R. A. 8424, Sec. 236-J otherwise known as National Internal Revenue Code, only one TIN shall be assigned to a taxpayer and every corporation shall file in duplicate a quarterly summary declaration of its gross income xxx. Thus, the Bureau shall:

  1. Deny all CA 613, Sec. 9 (G) applications with multiple TIN in their GIS and ITRs;
  2. Deny all CA 613, Sec. 9 (G) applications without the required ITRs and GIS;
  3. Require all CA 613, Sec. 9(G) petitioners to submit photocopies of their latest ITRs and corresponding Official Receipts (bank teller’s validation slip, BIR’s eFPS payment details printout or other similar evidence) and not merely the Audited Financial Statement;
  4. Require newly-incorporated corporations to submit photocopy of their BIR Certificate of Registration (BIR Form 2303) or Latest Quarterly Income Tax Return (BIR Form 1702Q; and
  5. Require these additional requirements for Sec. 9(G) extension:

a)      Photocopy of applicant’s latest ITRs with Official Receipt; and

b)      Photocopy of the applicant’s TIN

            The above-mentioned Order will now strictly be observed in addition to the documentary requirements for conversion to pre-arranged employee-commercial and 9G visa extension applications before they will accept the application.

In addition, while no specific rule on the financial conditions of applicants, petitioning company however, which incurring losses and/or has not paid any income tax as reflected in their Annual Income Tax Return or Audited Financial Statement must submit a letter justifying the aforementioned circumstance/s to merit due course of the applications.

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