Investing in Palawan while staying Environmentally Compliant

December 13, 2013
Environmental Business

Investing in Palawan is a highly rewarding prospect because of the richness of the island province, in terms of natural wonders, natural resources, and touristic potentials. However, to be able to partake in the potentials on offer in Palawan, one has to be aware of environmental regulations that must be met.

In 1992, Republic Act 7611, or the Strategic Environment Plan (SEP) for Palawan Act, was signed into law. This effectively set the legal framework adhered to by top authorities, especially in the context of approval and development of various projects proposed for the province.

The SEP Act takes to its heart the concept of Sustainable Development. This is specifically defined in the signed legislation as: “the improvement in the quality of life of present and future generations through the complementation of development and environmental protection activities.” Sustainable Development has thus been the core guiding principle of this Act.

Sustainable Development is further defined in this Act to be composed of the following components: (1) Ecological Viability; (2) Social Acceptability; and (3) Integrated Approach.

To assert the force of its Law, the SEP Act also sets the administrative mechanism for implementing the intents and purpose of the SEP Act: the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) has thus been created and given the mandate to oversee and sure that development activities, programs, and projects in Palawan are approved and checked as per the SEP Act guidelines and philosophy. The PCSD can thus be viewed as the main body through which proposed ventures must pass for investors to have initial access to the possibilities of success and growth in Palawan.

In the next blog entry: the implications of the SEP Act vis-à-vis securing environmental permits for Palawan projects will be discussed.

Triple I Consulting, Inc. accepts inquiries regarding environmental permitting concerns for doing business in Palawan.

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