Investment in the Philippines is Easy When You Know How

July 3, 2013
Marketing Report

The business opportunities in the Philippines are easy enough to see. However realizing the opportunities is much harder.

Whilst the Government of the Philippines is clearly encouraging International Businesses to set up shop here (and for very good reason)  there is still a huge amount of red tape and bureaucracy to overcome.  This combined with the somewhat confusing restrictions on Foreign ownership and the various entity options available. makes for quite a challenge to any company considering investment in the country.

For many Foreign businesses the mandatory processes and procedures one must follow in order to set up a company can be very daunting to say the least.  In this regard it is essential that one engages a professional services firm that can provide assistance in navigating through the numerous stages to incorporation, SEC and Local Government Registration.

Triple i Consulting has been at the forefront of Philippine business since 2007. We have assisted both local and multi-national corporations  providing straightforward, transparent and accurate advice.

Our team of specialist consultants speak  over 7 languages  and include CPA’s, Tax lawyers, Labor Lawyers and Corporate Lawyers with decades of combined experience  ideally positioning us as the leading business and management consultancy in the Philippines.

Our core services are all based around compliance in the Corporate, Environmental and Regulatory sectors.

If you are considering  opening a company in the Philippines  or you want to explore how to improve the operation efficiency of your existing business, you need to talk to us. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

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