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March 4, 2013

Although recognized as a low labor cost country, the Philippines represents an excellent source of skilled workers coming from a wide range of professions such as nurses, physical  therapists, doctors, construction workers, computer programmers, entertainers,  factory workers, machinists, call center agents…etc.

Indeed, with a large number of enrollments every year in the tertiary (college) level and schools that offer vocational and technical training where English language is totally integrated in the courses, Filipinos have many skills to offer to foreign companies in the Philippines and overseas. This is part of the reasons beside the many incentives that the government can offer to foreign enterprises why many companies have come to the Philippines to relocate backroom operations.

The challenge for those who set up businesses for the first time in the country is the lack of knowledge of the local culture and labor practices. From start-up to multi-national companies it is essential to implement a proper Company Manual. This guide on company rules and practices is absolutely vital for both legal and practical HR requirements.

Triple i Consulting’s labor lawyers assist many clients in advising on the legal policies of the Philippines and work to format the existing company manual to Philippines guidelines. Our HR consultants advise on practical company policy to help shape and define the company culture of the Philippines office. By combining Triple i’s expertise, its ISO 9001:2008 procedures, and its commitment to excellence with clients, companies can take advantages of the pool of talents present in the Philippines while protecting themselves from  costly and time consuming legal issues.

By: Delphine Lehucher

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