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November 26, 2012

In the Philippines, the Medical Device and Diagnostic Kits is registered under the Center for Device Regulation, Radiation Health and Research (CDRRHR) at the Department of Health (DOH).  The CDRRHR conduct appropriate test for the products and evaluates them to ensure the safety, quality, and effectiveness of the product for the users.

Here is the list of Medical Device that is required to be registered.

List of Medical Devices:

  1. Absorbable Collagen Hemostatic Felt
  2. Absorbent Cotton, sterile and non-sterile
  3. Arterial Venous Fistula Needle Set
  4. Bandage with Plaster of Paris
  5. Bandage, Elastic
  6. Band-Aid Plastic Strip Plain Pad
  7. Bone Wax
  8. Blood Transfusion Set
  9. Catheters
  10. Cervical Collar
  11. Collagen
  12. Condom
  13. Contact Lenses (hard and soft and disposable)
  14. Corset cast
  15. Cosmetic Puffs Cotton
  16. Cotton Buds
  17. Cotton Swab
  18. Dental Filling Ally
  19. Disposable Skin Stapler and Staples
  20. Disposable Tissue Measuring Device
  21. Disposable Needle
  22. Drainage Pouces
  23. Duodenal Tube
  24. Earpiercing Device
  25. Endotracheal Tube
  26. Exchange Transfusion Tray
  27. Feeding Tube
  28. Filter Set
  29. Fluor Alloy Amalga
  30. Gauze, sterile and non-sterile
  31. Humidifer mask
  32. Hypo-allergenic paper tape
  33. Implantable Staple
  34. Infusion Administration Set
  35. Intraocular Lenses
  36. Intrauterine Device (IUD)
  37. I.V. Catheter Needle
  38. Ligating Clip Device
  39. Lubricating Jelly
  40. Lumbar Puncture Tray
  41. Nasal Oxygen Cannula
  42. Nebulizer with Aerosol Mask
  43. Orthoplast Cervical Collar
  44. Ostotomy Set
  45. Oxygen Catheter
  46. Oxygen Mask
  47. Periodontal Bone Grafting Implant
  48. Peritoneal Dialysis Administration Set
  49. Plaster
  50. Porcine Heart Valve
  51. Implantable porstheses
  52. Rectal Catheter
  53. Rectal Tube
  54. Removable Skin Staple
  55. Rotahalers
  56. Scalp Vein Infusion Set
  57. Scissors Skin Retractors
  58. Skin Traction Set
  59. Spinal Anesthesia Tray
  60. Stomach Bag
  61. Stomach Tube
  62. Suction Catheter
  63. Surgical Blades, Disposable
  64. Surgical Gloves (sterile and unsterile)
  65. Sutures
  66. Suturing Needles
  67. Synthetic Cast Padding
  68. Syringes
  69. Thermometers
  70. Transfusion Set
  71. Urethal Catheter
  72. Urinary Drainage Tube
  73. Urine Collecting Bag
  74. Abdominal Pads

Triple i Consulting Specialist can help you in the process and preparation of your documents for registration. Please contact us at and our FDA Consulting Specialist will assist you with any questions you may have.

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