Tax BlogWhy to Outsource your Accounting Needs in the Philippines?

October 22, 20140

Accounting is a headache everywhere in the world and the Philippines is no exception

Compliance with the Bureau of Internal Revenue must be done on a semi-monthly basis, quarterly and annual basis. It is a painful and time spending process, in the Easy of Doing Business Index 2014 created by the World Bank where Philippines is ranked in the number 131 out of 189 countries in the indicator easy of payments.

Considering all this why companies insist to internally doing its bookkeeping and government reporting, increasing its liability and operations costs instead of outsourcing this service that will save them time and money? There is an idea that if you outsource you accounting needs you might face security risks and you would lose control of your accounts. Nevertheless, if you process the accounting internally, what guarantees you that this situation could not happen as well and that data is not stolen from your organization?

Outsourcing is a strategic decision for the operations of several companies. Understand why:

Get access to skill expertise – Third parties are specialized in what they need to permanent improve its services due to the strong competition in this sector.

Lower Liability – Service providers have a higher liability than your own staff. It brings less exposure and risk for your business.

Financial Savings – Hiring an experienced Certified Public Account in the Philippines is more costly then engaging a third party

With a team of Certified Public Accountants, Triple i is able to provide accounting, bookkeeping and tax consulting services to companies from the most various sectors. Assigning a dedicated and experienced Certified Public Accountant to your company, we are committed to deliver high-quality assurance services.

We invite you to explore the many ways Triple i professionals can help you.

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