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May 13, 2020

Since March 16th the majority of the Philippines including the capital Manila have been under a strict lockdown to help curb the spread of the Corona Virus. This has meant the closing of most government agencies, though there are several processes that can and must be done online during this period.

Now that the lockdown measures have an end in sight, government bureaus are eying how to begin operations and start vital services like business registration and the processing of work visas.

Philippines government agencies such as the Bureau of Immigration and the Securities and Exchange Commission have received new guidelines on work arrangements for getting government offices back open and operating under the “New Normal”. There are four work arrangements that are approved by the Civil Service Commission starting May 16th.

A government employee can return to work under one of the following work arrangements:

  • Work-from-home
  • Skeleton workforce
  • Four-day workweek
  • Staggered working hours.

Workers below 21-years-old and senior citizens are automatically part of the work-from-home arrangement.

Meanwhile, setting a skeleton workforce limits the number of workers in the office or workplace, this is done to reduce the total number occupying any office.

Philippines Government employees reporting to the officer, are entitled to hazard and overtime pay including other allowances.

Additionally, Government agencies must adopt additional measures.

Offices must also see to it that vehicles are disinfected.

A health status survey and a revision of workplace layout for the implementation of physical distancing must be done.

It is a must for employees and officials who enter the government office premises to wear face masks and submit to temperature checks.

Finally, every workplace should make sanitation stations available for use, according to the CSC.

This is indeed good news, as it means government agencies are gearing up for business under the new normal. For any assistance in registering a business in the Philippines or applying for a work visa please contact Triple i Consulting at

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