NewsPhilippines Holidays 2023

March 27, 2023

Employers and employees currently working in the Philippines need to know the list of official public holidays in the country to be able to plan their working schedules and vacation leaves better. Below is the list of public holidays in the Philippines for 2023, as announced by the Official Gazette of the Philippines. The holidays are composed of regular holidays and special holidays. The Philippine law requires employers to pay employees their daily rate plus an additional fee equivalent to one hundred percent (100%) of their daily rate if they worked on a date that falls on a regular holiday. In comparison, employees who work on a special holiday shall be entitled to an additional payment equivalent to thirty percent (30%) of their daily rate.

2023 Philippine Holidays




01 – New Year’s Day, Sunday  (REGULAR HOLIDAY)

02 – Day After New Year’s Day, Monday  (SPECIAL HOLIDAY)


25 – People Power Anniversary, Friday  (SPECIAL HOLIDAY)


06 – Maundy Thursday (REGULAR HOLIDAY)

07 – Good Friday (REGULAR HOLIDAY)

08 – Black Saturday (SPECIAL HOLIDAY) 

10 – The Day of Valor, Monday (REGULAR HOLIDAY)

21 – Eid’l Fitur, Friday (SPECIAL HOLIDAY) 


01 – Labor Day, Monday (REGULAR HOLIDAY)


12 – Independence Day, Monday (REGULAR HOLIDAY)


21 – Ninoy Aquino Day, Monday (SPECIAL HOLIDAY) 

28 – National Heroes’ Day, Monday (REGULAR HOLIDAY)

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