Legal BlogRegistration with PhilHealth in Cebu

August 30, 2013

To facilitate the hospitalization and outpatient surgical needs of employees, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or most commonly known as PhilHealth, is mandatorily required for every employer.

PhilHealth undertakes to cover qualified employees who have been contributing with this organization for a number of months. Employers are mandated to register with PhilHealth and enrol their employees accordingly.

For the registration of a partnership, cooperative or corporation, it must be issued with a Philhealth Employer Number (PEN).  Such entity must submit a duly accomplished Employer Data Record (ER1). The employer must indicate its date of its official operation for them to be issued an employer number. Along with this form, the employer must also present its SEC Registration, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.

After issuance of the Philhealth Employer Number (PEN), the employer can subsequently update the information of their employees or enrol those who do not have PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN)  yet by submitting Philhealth Member Registration Form (PMRF). The employer must indicate whether the submission is for update or for enrolment. PhilHealth holds a caveat that the issuance of PIN does not automatically qualify a member-employee and his/her dependents to be entitled to PhilHealth benefits since availment of these benefits would largely depend on the employees number of contributions.

In Cebu City, the flow of transactions for PhilHealth is calculated. This agency follows a schedule as to when a Member Data Record is released. Each employer is encouraged to adhere to PhilHealth policies in the payment of remittances and in reporting the same.

With the specific details of PhilHealth procedures which every employer must yield to, it is best to entrust this task to an experienced team such as Triple i Consulting. Triple i Consulting’s established experience in registration makes it competent to deal with this agency professionally and efficiently.

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