Environmental BlogSelf-Monitoring Report Series: Water Pollution 101

February 4, 2013

Most of the industrial and commercial establishments in the Philippines generate wastewater that in turn can cause pollution to the natural receiving bodies of water.  The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) together with the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) monitor and regulate wastewater generation of the various establishments throughout the Philippines.

DENR and LLDA require these establishments to submit Self-Monitoring Report (SMR) in a quarterly basis.  One part of the SMR is focused on the management of Water Pollution, specifically in Module 3.

The first table in Module 3 must be filled out with basic data such as domestic wastewater generated, wastewater from cooling tower, process wastewater and wastewater generated from washing of equipment and cleaning of facilities, covering three months of operation and everything in cubic meters per day.

water pollution data

Covering one quarter or three months of the project’s operation, a table must be filled in with data on the record and cost of treatment such as number of person employed, salary of persons employed, cost of chemicals used by WTP, utility cost of WTP and other forms of expenditures for wastewater treatment.

Cost of Treatment

The discharge location of the WTP must be presented as well as the name of the receiving body of water.

wastewater charecteristics report

For the next blog issues, we will discuss more parts of the SMR such as air pollution and solid waste management among others that are needed to be reported to the DENR quarterly.

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