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July 1, 2013

The Philippines ranked as the world’s best country in business English, according to a recent study. There’s no wonder why it is overtaking India as the leading BPO destination worldwide.

Many businesses worldwide, especially those from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, are discovering the benefits of outsourcing both their voice and non-voice services to the Philippines. They find it beneficial to move their operations to the country because of the costs they save. This is why we offer solutions to those who want to set up a BPO center in the Philippines.

Not everyone knows how to start a BPO company in the Philippines properly. This is true, especially for foreigners who have no idea about the local laws and requirements. Our expertise in the field of consulting gives us a strong background in dealing with start-up and expansion procedures. This way, you are assured that you can get the necessary assistance.

Hiring a consulting firm can minimize the tasks you need to perform. This is because we have established strong connections with other local businesses. For instance, our sister company, Keystone Property Solutions, can give you a suitable office location for your future employees. Network planning, IT procurement, disaster recovery plans, and business continuity planning are also easy with our licensed partners.

Laws and Regulations
The laws and regulations of every country are different, so it would be best to be informed of your limitations. Our labor lawyers work closely with clients to help them understand the employment policies in the Philippines. We offer company manual and employment contract drafts to give the clients an idea about the necessary documents. In addition, our team can also provide human resources and labor consulting, recruitment, and tax incentive planning.

Outsourcing remains a popular option for businesses nowadays. This is why many companies go to the Philippines for third party services.

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