Top Reasons to Invest in the Philippines

February 18, 2013

No, it’s not just the good weather, the amazing landscape, its warming people and the first class lifestyle that are turning this country into a top investment destination for corporations and individuals searching for the best country to place their funds.

Strategically located in the fastest growing regions in the world and integrated within the vast framework of the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement, the Philippines offers unlimited business opportunities in the most diverse economic sectors such as Pharmaceutical, IT, Tourism and F&B. With a growing and lively middle class and a westernized population that will double within the next three decades, companies from all over the world are looking at this country as an easy get away from the economic recession that is still disturbing European Union and United States.  Some people might think that the lower cost of doing business might be the main reason for the growing investment in the country, but the core of its economic growth goes much further than that.

With superior infrastructure than other Southeast Asian Countries, a higher literacy rate that makes the Philippines the world’s third largest English-speaking country, a multicultural and open society, although the Philippines still faces the standard bureaucratic problems of a developing economy, it offers a liberalized and business friendly economy with amazing government incentives.

With PEZA and BOI incentive schemes providing incentive packages offering 4-6 years with 0% income tax rate in addition to being exempt from VAT.  Multinationals looking for regional headquarters are also entitled to incentives such as tax exemptions and tax and duty free importation of specific equipment and materials.

If you would like Triple i, the only ISO Management Consulting Firm in the Philippines, to facilitate the set up and ongoing operations of your business in the Philippines and give you a brief overview of the main indicators of its economy, government incentives and business environment, speak with one of our business experts today or reach us anytime at:

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