Legal BlogWhat type of visa for my dependents in the Philippines?

February 25, 2014

The Philippines attract more and more multinationals and therefore more foreigners. Most of the time companies come to the Philippines to take advantage of the quality and cost of the labor force, but also hire expatriates to fill up managerial positions and also those who require native speakers of certain languages, easily explained by the size of the BPO Industry in the country.

While some expatriates come alone in the Philippines, some of them will have dependents that they would like to bring along. Foreign employees are usually granted a 9G visa but what about their family member(s)?

Well for dependents, there is the option of coming to the Philippines as a tourist and extend their tourist visa every couple of months but they will have the hassle of always remembering to extend it, and the trip to immigration can sometimes be painful and after a few months costly.

The best option for expatriates who know they are going to be in the Philippines for a while and whose dependents will have to follow, is to include them in their 9G visa process. Only few extra documents are required and the cost would be minimal for the dependent.

If you are planning to move to the Philippines to work, either the company who hired you or yourself, will have to process a working visa. It is always reassuring to know the immigration process when you are going to a new country and therefore have to deal with new laws and requirements. If you feel the need to have more information please contact Triple i and its visa services department.  You will deal with one of the most experienced immigration and visas department that will carefully assist you and assure you a smooth and efficient visa application for you and your dependents.

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