Visas for Chinese Nationals and Other Welcome Visitors

November 19, 2018

In mid-2015, the Huffington Post described the relationship between China and the Philippines as the most toxic in Asia. However, since President Duterte took office, he has extended a hand of economic and political cooperation to China, securing investment and credit line pledges that amounted to approximately US$ 24 billion in business and trade deals. In fact, by the end of 2015, China was the Philippines’ second largest trading partner with trade totaling US$ 17.646 billion.

Following this,in 2016, there were an estimated an estimated 680,000 Chinese visitors to the Philippines. Local news outlets reported a 250%  surge in Chinese visa applications to the Philippines  – rising to 1,400 per day in the first quarter of 2017. These numbers continue to grow, and with Bilateral agreements relating to science and technology, sports, sanitation, tourism, civil aviation and transportation, youth affairs and cultural heritage, we expect many more Chinese visitors to come.

to support this, the Board of Investments has qualified Chinese athletes, tour groups, and businessmen endorsed by chambers of commerce or conventions to get visas upon arrival. Though this visa process is simplified by a straightforward requirement to file a minimum of 10 days before arrival, it remains vital that visitors apply for the correct visa. The short descriptions below can serve as a guide to selecting the appropriate visa for your stay in the Philippines, whether you are from China or another welcome country:

Tourist Visa

Generally for short visits, a Tourist Visa is open and valid to most nationalities and can be acquired upon entry with a validity of 30 days and renewable for another 30. Although this visa cannot be used for work, it is ideal for leisure and recreation.

9(g) Pre-Arranged Employment Visa

Depending on the exact nature of your business, the Philippine Immigration Act (PIA) allows several types of working visas for expatriates wishing to work in the Philippines. Open to most countries, the 9(g) Pre-Arranged Employment visa is accessible for those fit to work as a non-immigrant and can apply for a year up to three years of validity.

Special Investors Residents Visa

This visa is suitable for foreign nationals willing to invest in a new or existing company in the Philippines. This will also allow you to fly in and out of the country for an initial application of 5 years, and can be renewed for another 5.

47(a)(2) Special Non-Immigrant Visa

Foreign investors registered under companies qualified with BOI, PEZA and DOJ, are qualified to apply for a 47(a)(2) visa. Industries under oil exploration, infrastructure and power generation can apply for this visa.

Securing a visa in the Philippines can easily be achieved. With documentary requirements like your passport, accomplished application forms, confirmed tickets for return or onward journey to the next destination and visa payment fees, Triple I can help you get the right visa without confusion or delay.

We also offer visa applications for Alien Employment Permits (AEP), Special Work Permits (SWP), Exit Clearances, 9(d) Trader Visa and 9(a) Non-Immigrant Visa, among other services. Send us an email at or call us at +63 (02) 8540-9623.

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