Food and Drug BlogWhich LTO Needs a Pharmacist?

July 10, 2012

Did you know that not all establishments are required by the FDA to have a Pharmacist?

Yes, that is true. Food Importer/ Distributor and Household Hazardous Importer/Distributor companies do not need to hire a Licensed/Registered Pharmacist.

The following are the establishments that need supervision of a licensed/registered Pharmacist:

  • Drug Importer/Distributor
  • Drugstore/Pharmacy
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Cosmetics Importer/Distributor
  • Medical Device Importer/Distributor

These establishments need the supervision of the pharmacist for monitoring of the products that are handled by the company. They are the ones responsible for each product that goes into the market and in monitoring for adverse events for consumers.

Applying for a License to Operate (LTO) will depend on the nature of business of an establishment whether the business is under Food, Food Supplement, Drugs, Medical Device or Household Hazardous. It also depends on the applicant if he/she is applying as an importer/ distributor, repacker or a manufacturer.

By: Ria Loraine David Cababay RPh.

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