Business Consulting BlogSetup an Outsourcing Company in the Philippines: A Wise Decision

July 10, 2012

One of the main industries driving Philippines’ economic growth in recent years has been the outsourcing industry. More companies the world over are looking to reduce operating costs and increase profits. As the Philippines’ political and economic scene stabilizes; its potential as the best outsourcing location in the world is being realized.

What makes the Philippines such a high-value outsourcing location?

  1. Highly skilled inexpensive labor
  2. Ease of doing business
  3. Industry standards
  4. Friendly government investment laws

Highly Skilled Labor

The Philippines is the 3rd largest English-speaking country in the world. One of the core values of the country is work ethic, many employees form a bond with their companies and are committed to the company’s success. As far as value, the average wage for a business processing outsourced employee is around five hundred us dollars, which is significantly lower than the average wage in the US and even in other outsourcing locations like India.

Ease of Doing Business

The Philippines has received some negative publicity in the past for corruption and slow bureaucratic processes. When compared to the US, of course, things like business registration seem more difficult. In the States, a company can be formed in 10 minutes online. The Philippines is still a 3rd world country and one cannot reasonably expect that things will move here at the same speed as in Western countries, but compared to the Southeast region, the Philippines has some of the simplest corporate laws and procedures. If working with a competent lawyer or consulting firm (like Triple i Consulting) business registration can be completed with zero headaches in as little as a few days.

Industry Standards

Because the outsourcing industry has been firmly established in the Philippines, no company is reinventing the wheel. The telcos, office buildings, employees, and affiliates are all aware of the needs of an outsourcing operation, call center, or BPO business. So when it comes to looking for staff and HR needs and in finding offices and equipment that are suitable for a company’s needs, there is a basis to go on.

Friendly Government Investment Laws

The Philippine government has created tax incentives for companies to invest and build businesses here, especially to organizations that setup outsourcing companies in the country. These incentives include VAT exemption, tax incentive programs, employment of foreign nationals, and many other preferential treatments for certain government bodies.

For all of these reasons, companies must consider outsourcing some parts of their organizations to drive profits.

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