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January 10, 2013

In the 1950’s, a catastrophic incident happen at Minamata Bay of Japan. The people even the animals have gone crazy due to the intake of mercury and mercury compounds found on the bay. Chisso Company, a petrochemical plant was the suspect for dispersion of mercury into Minamata Bay. Many people died and suffered from different illness. Some went mad and even babies in their mothers’ womb suffered from this incident. The Chisso Company in return paid the victims and the Japanese government. They also paid for the clean up of Minamata Bay.

The Minamata Bay incident is considered as a monument of ecological ignorance in world history. It was due to improper waste management, or even worse, absence of waste management. This is the reason why every company must comply with environmental laws. By complying, we can save lives in the community and at the same time generate income for the Local Government or for the country. Compliance will also save the company from spending too much for the future clean up of waste and higher penalty for not complying.

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