Business Consulting BlogPayroll: It’s that Time of the Month, Again

January 10, 2013

Payroll in the Philippines is a tiresome but an essential task. Often it takes up many hours of manpower of both HR and Accounting departments, from processing to dealing with payroll inquiries, and all of this is done twice a month, if not more often.  Combine this with having to calculate benefits allowances, tax rates, overtime pay and other deductions or additions , payroll really becomes a full time job.

Triple i and its partners have developed one of the most advanced web-based payroll systems available. Our system will allow you to coordinate your payroll in the simplest,  most efficient way.  It is fully customizable and is designed to make any company’s life easier and more efficient.   No more headaches or wrong calculations. No more dealing with payroll queries from disgruntled employees. No more hours wasted by accounting and HR staff. Much more produce.  Much higher operational efficiency.

Secure, efficient and cost effective.  Outsource your payroll to us today and you will be amazed by the results. Contact us to find out more.

That time of the month will never bother you again.

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