ECC Application, the Triple I Consulting Way

August 30, 2013
Environmental Business

Applying for an ECC (environmental compliance certificate), in the Philippine context, is not a straightforward task. There are published guidelines (in the EMB-DENR website), to be sure; but one can be lost in all the details: what type of EIA (environmental impact assessment) report to prepare for a particular type of site; the technical considerations for classifying a site; how to conduct the correct EIA activity to generate the required EIA report.

The concerns are numerous, and these are just the technical aspect. Also to be considered when applying for an ECC are: project milestones and deadlines to be met; communication and professional relations with regulator representatives and reviewers; and discussions and liaison with various possible stakeholders.

As your company’s partner in ECC application for your business endeavor, Triple I Consulting offers the total package to ensure that all these concerns mentioned are covered. The Environmental Department of Triple I Consulting has personnel with experience and expertise in conducting EIA activities for your company’s particular type of business or project.  Triple I Consulting project consultants have competence in dealing with related administrative and project management concerns, making certain that ECC applications are processed within prescribed schedule and following prescribed regulations. And Triple I Consulting puts in the forefront client satisfaction towards successful completion of its mandated service.

Contact Triple I Consulting today, so your company may find out and experience the ECC application services we have on offer.

By: Amelito Segarra Jr.

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