Economic Development versus Environment Protection

December 18, 2012
Environmental Business

Typhoon Pablo is said to be the strongest typhoon yet to hit the Philippines this year.  According to Inquirer News, there are already 647 recorded deaths and a total of 780 people are still missing.  Clearly, what happened was caused by human activities for what seems to be in the pursuit of economic growth and sustainable development.  However, is the environment really protected against the adverse impacts from economic activities? Are there really such things as sustainable development practices in the Philippines?

The Philippines has the so called Philippine Agenda 21 which refers to sustainable development as “the harmonious integration of a sound and viable economy, responsible governance, social cohesion/harmony and ecological integrity to ensure that development is a life-enhancing process”.  It said to be “life-enhancing” and not life-threatening to the point that it results in fatality.

Projects such as mining and timber production whether large-scale or small-scale would eventually give adverse impacts to the environment. The terms mining and timber production would become “responsible and sustainable mining” and “responsible and sustainable timber production” under the Philippine Agenda 21.

You can go for economic development without feeling guilty over environmental degradation.  So, what are you waiting for? Business with confidence and less guilt!  Triple i Consulting can help you have both economic development and environmental compliance.  We have in-house environmental professionals that go beyond economic development and environment protection through the form of sustainable development principle and practices.

By: Roja Orozco

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