From Factory to End User how food travels

September 6, 2012
Blue Pills

Have you ever wondered how the nuts you’re munching for snacks got to your table? Or how the cheese in your sandwich got to your fridge. Aside from buying them, of course, have you ever thought about  how these items are processed?

Additionally, aside from the processing aspect you may also have considered how these items are regulated. Attending the Licensing and Registration Seminar for Food Establishments held last August 30, 2012  was a great eye-opener for a consumer like me on how important it is that the foods we take in are licensed and registered.  This was facilitated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) at their offices in Alabang.

The seminar dealt with different informative topics that every food establishment needs to know. These include licensing requirements needed for food manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters as well as the registration requirements. Labeling issues, post market surveillance, sample collection and product recall were also discussed. Items on lab testing, sampling, interpretation of the results for food safety were also tackled by the FDA experts. Lastly, fees, penalties and other financial and legal matters were also included as one of the subjects for discussion which is really of a great concern by most of the participants since this would impact their operations, finances as well as possible unforeseen expenses.

For an entrepreneur starting his food business or for an established food connoisseur who, for sure, has many other things on his plate to work on, it is important that this type of information is readily available and absorbed for them to process or renew certain licenses and registrations so as not to hamper their operations and risk getting penalized.

With Triple i Consulting, we have FDA consultants who are skilled in the said field and are continuously updating their wisdom on the policies through seminars such as this.  They can seamlessly assist you in acquiring documentary requirements which include your License to Operate (LTO), Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) as well as CPR Housing and clinical trials. You can be assured that all the nooks and crannies of the food regulation are covered with our pool of expert FDA consultants.

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